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Interesting to see the old comrades at each other’s throats. Great update from FishbowlDC on the most recent interchanges:

The Hillary campaign recently took MSNBC reporter David Shuster (and MSNBC generally) to task for asking a guest on February 7th’s “Tucker” program, “[D]oesn’t it seem like Chelsea’s sort of being pimped out in some weird sort of way?” MSNBC has suspended Shuster for his remarks.


Clinton said that her staff had sent her “some independent study” “which seemed to suggest that” “in terms of the fairness of the coverage,” Fox News Channel has treated her campaign more fairly than MSNBC. (more…)


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Astronaut(?) Carl Jeffers Launches In On Imus Race Discussion

Provided by: BruceTube

ChanX CliffsNotes

Exchange took place at the very end of the Carl Jeffers appearance…

Imus: No one is having the race discussion because it is too uncomfortable. If you’re willing would like to have you back on to talk about stuff like that and some more about Barack Obama.

Jeffers: That is an absolute truism (regarding the race discussion). No one wants to have it because they are afraid of it.

Jeffers: With America not ready to have the discussion. How will millions of whites who are very uncomfortable, all of a sudden go into the voting booth, close the curtain and vote for an African American? It is not going to happen!

Seems like a reasonable start to the race discussion. Carl Jeffers has a high rpm approach and does not pull punches. Hope to see more of Carl on the program.

Note: Jeffers is not now nor has ever been an astronaut. Sorry ladies…. [ed. Right ChanX, a black guy would have to be an astronaut before he’d get on Imus’ show.*

*Attempt at biting satire noted per MMH/SOS(Media Matters Humor/Satire Operating Standards) requirement]

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Good to see these points coming out, and as an added benefit, we get to watch Chris Matthews squirm in embarrassment as he grows up. (The entire way he has been covering this campaign is racist and sexist. The primary statistic is who is or isn’t carrying each group, and it has reached levels bordering on insanity, because it’s so obvious and yet he persists.)

The women’s movement is about free choice, self-determination and challenging a status quo that fails a lot of Americans, not just women. And it is not about going along. It’s about transcending, about having the freedom to follow one’s heart, about creating and pursuing new opportunities, and about the American dream being for all Americans. (more…)

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We can never miss an opportunity to watch and laugh whenever MSNBC makes mistakes. But now, one of their supposedly official journalists—distinct from the I-man’s role back in “the old days”—used the overly colorful phrase “pimping out” to describe how the Clinton campaign is using Chelsea. Aside from that so-2007 question of whether it’s an acceptable phrase for him to use, gotta love it when MSNBC looks stupid. (more…)

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Spotlight on satire

Who’s the joke on this time?

“Good Samaritan” – That Mitchell and Webb Look

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Media Matters

Media Matters regularly criticizes Don Imus by taking out of context the ongoing thought process Imus has with the audience.  This thought process can last days, weeks and even months.  For example, Media Matters picks up on Imus proclaiming Bill Clinton to be .. a   fat, low rent hillbilly”.   However, Media Matters conveniently neglects Imus’ thoughtful moments of consideration of Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama candidacy and fitness for office which followed.


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Interview with James Carville (January 23, 2008)

Imus seamlessly backtracking on Hillary Clinton. Of Course, Imus still thinks HC is SATAN.  He opens the door by acknowledging there may be something here.  After-all Carville must know something.

Is there a chink in the armor?  Is this a classic Iman move?  Or is he simply faking? 

You decide…

ChanX CliffsNotes

James Carville (01/23/2008)

Imus:Introducing a Chuck Fav and I-Fav; James Carville. (more…)

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