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Imus Radiothon Continues on WABC/New York May 8-9

WABC-AM/New York, the new home of “Imus in the Morning,” announced that the 19th Annual Imus Radiothon will be held on May 8-9. All funds raised from the event will benefit the Tomorrows Children’s Fund, CJ Foundation for Sids and the Imus Ranch for Kids with Cancer. (more…)

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Open Discussion Thread

Open thread for discussion and a reminder…

Start your Amazon.com shopping here or using the search box at SupportImus.org and anywhere between 4-10% of the purchase(100% of our affiliate fee) will be sent to support the Imus Ranch. So far it looks like it’s around 6% of each purchase.

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In my latest column at DigitalJournal I decided as a representative of “typical white people” everywhere to call out Senator Barack Obama. It’s time to turn up the heat on this discussion wherever we can, just in time for November….

An Atypical Response to a Typical Media S*** Storm

As any fan of professional wrestling coud tell you, there’s a point in every program where one wrestler grabs a mike and “calls out” another wrestler and pretty much says It’s put up or shut up time.” Well, I’m calling out Senator Obama.

As a typical white person that is.

First of all, as a “typical white guy” I’m giving him a pass on the phrase. (more…)

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From The Boston Globe: It’s still a question of Wright and wrong, by Jeff Jacoby

In Philadelphia yesterday, Obama gave a graceful speech on the theme of race and unity in American life. Much of what he said was eloquent and stirring, not least his opening paean to the Founders and the Constitution – a document “stained by the nation’s original sin of slavery,” as he said, yet also one “that had at its very core the ideal of equal citizenship under the law; a Constitution that promised its people liberty, and justice, and a union that could be and should be perfected over time.” There was an echo there of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., who in his great “I Have a Dream” speech extolled “the magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence” as “a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir.” (more…)

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As some of you may know, The Imus Times is paralleling the race discussion that’s been going on with the new Imus in the Morning program. Shelby Steele’s book White Guilt is an essential part of the discussion: How Blacks and Whites Together Destroyed the Promise of the Civil Rights Era. (more…)

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During the hysteria-filled frenzy following the I-Man’s comments about the Rutgers women’s basketball team last April, Barack Obama was the first presidential nominee to call for Imus’ ouster:

There’s nobody on my staff who would still be working for me if they made a comment like that about anybody of any ethnic group.

– Barack Obama, April 9, 2007 in an interview with ABC News

VIDEO: “He would not be working for me…I don’t want to be an enabler…for the unbelievably offensive statements that were made.”

The hypocrisy of Obama’s statements is immediately obvious in light of the recent revelations regarding the candidate’s close connections to racist pastor Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who was an advisor to his campaign until a few days ago. But the disconnect is that Imus’ comments, inappropriate as they were, were satirical. Reverend Wright’s statements, on the other hand, display hate-filled racism, justified by falsehoods(“The government lied about inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color.”). [more statements from Reverend Wright]

Who Can Say What?People in Wright’s congregation no doubt use what they learn from their pastor on Sunday to justify their own weekday racism as well. This is very dangerous. He is inciting real violence when he declares that African-Americans committing black-on-black crime are “fighting the wrong enemy.” [WorldNetDaily]

Back in April ’07, Obama said that Imus’ remark was “verbal violence.” If Obama is even going to be emotionally consistent, it seems like Reverend Wright is at the very least engaged in “verbal violence.”

But it sounds like Wright is inciting real violence against people based on skin color. Imus’ NHH remark was the single most extreme example in a morning comedy program for adults, the exception that proved the rule. It took a Media Matters lackey 2 years of lurking to find something suitably offensive. Obama, on the other hand, took his children to hear Wright speak regularly. And Wright wasn’t being satirical. Indeed, if the black men passing by Obama’s grandmother on the street had just heard this sermon, she might have had a reason to have been frightened. (more…)

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Imus Times Sports

Countdown to Tipoff

Pick em here | Imus Times Tournament Challenge

When registering use group name “Imus Times”

Remember to complete your brackets before registration closes at tip off of the first game of Round 1 on Thursday, March 20.

Brackets provided by ESPN The Sports Leader

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Imus and guest Col Jack Jacobs relish the Spitzer pickle.   The two discuss the Governor’s  performance as NY Attorney General with regards to the NYSE and speculate on potential  Gambino crime family implications.

ChanX | CliffsNotes

Jacobs: There was a war-hoop of success from the floor of the NYSE when Spitzer’s news came down. Cheering the demise of their nemesis. Spitzer is clearly an evil man.

Imus: What Spitzer did to “my friend” Dick Grasso was so outrageous.  Whatever you think about Grasso, everybody knew what was going on. You got to pay these guys to run companies whether they are charities or not.

Jacobs: Spitzer just picked targets of opportunity. He was very selective about it. It’s not the he sprayed the whole area with a shotgun with #7 bird-shot. Spitzer just picked his targets carefully to make sure he made a point. (more…)

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Ever wonder who does the paintings hanging behind the I-Man on the RFD-TV set?

Imus tells us it’s Santa Fe artist Arlene LaDell Hayes, available at Joe Wade Fine Arts.

Arlene LaDell Hayes acrylic

This one comes from a striking series of trippy acrylics called “Dream Walkers, Spirit Warriors, and Star Travelers”. Check out the whole series. Hayes also does oil paintings, mixed-media work, and sculptures. Good stuff.

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Matt Taibbi doesn’t like the Iraq War. In fact, Taibbi, doesn’t like wars in general. Who does? Problem is, Taibbi doesn’t understand them either. In his article for Rolling Stone Magazine (March 6, 2008 Issue 1047), “McCain Resurrected”, Taibbi writes, among other things: (more…)

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