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Imus and guest Col Jack Jacobs relish the Spitzer pickle.   The two discuss the Governor’s  performance as NY Attorney General with regards to the NYSE and speculate on potential  Gambino crime family implications.

ChanX | CliffsNotes

Jacobs: There was a war-hoop of success from the floor of the NYSE when Spitzer’s news came down. Cheering the demise of their nemesis. Spitzer is clearly an evil man.

Imus: What Spitzer did to “my friend” Dick Grasso was so outrageous.  Whatever you think about Grasso, everybody knew what was going on. You got to pay these guys to run companies whether they are charities or not.

Jacobs: Spitzer just picked targets of opportunity. He was very selective about it. It’s not the he sprayed the whole area with a shotgun with #7 bird-shot. Spitzer just picked his targets carefully to make sure he made a point. (more…)

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Ever wonder who does the paintings hanging behind the I-Man on the RFD-TV set?

Imus tells us it’s Santa Fe artist Arlene LaDell Hayes, available at Joe Wade Fine Arts.

Arlene LaDell Hayes acrylic

This one comes from a striking series of trippy acrylics called “Dream Walkers, Spirit Warriors, and Star Travelers”. Check out the whole series. Hayes also does oil paintings, mixed-media work, and sculptures. Good stuff.

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Matt Taibbi doesn’t like the Iraq War. In fact, Taibbi, doesn’t like wars in general. Who does? Problem is, Taibbi doesn’t understand them either. In his article for Rolling Stone Magazine (March 6, 2008 Issue 1047), “McCain Resurrected”, Taibbi writes, among other things: (more…)

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Martin Fletcher’s Breaking News

Great appearance by Martin Fletcher Thursday morning on his new book. Buy it through this site and all of the Amazon Affiliate fee will go to the Imus Ranch.

Breaking News: A Stunning and Memorable Account of Reporting from Some of the Most Dangerous Places in the World

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Or as Craig Crawford states: “Imus is back!”  Starting tomorrow morning, Imus returns to Washington, D.C. radio:

Don Imus will return to the D.C. airwaves tomorrow on WJZW-FM (105.9), the former jazz station that owner Citadel Broadcasting Corp. switched to oldies last week.


“We’re thrilled to add Imus to our lineup as we wake up the movers and shakers in Washington,” said Jeff Boden, president and general manager of 105.9.


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Evidence of Harm

In the wake of John McCain’s statement preceding the Texas primary that there is “strong evidence” of a link between vaccine preservatives and the rising incidence of autism, the number of writers attacking the conclusion with such certainty is stunning. How do they know the connection is a myth? (more…)

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[thanks BruceTube]

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