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Imus NetJets to ranch, Mark Simone to fill in.

Mark Simone (left) with Satan (in red)

Mark Simone on his regular WABC Saturday Morning Program announced he will be sitting in for Imus.  The guest host gig  is for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (June 2 – June 4). 

Note: On his Saturday Morning Program (5/32/08 ) Simone hosted I-Favs; Patrick Buchanan, Jonathon Alter and Frank Rich.

ChanX Prediction: Simone will be a more able fill in then David Gregory ever was.  (That was painful!)

 About Simone:  www.marksimone.com

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Imus In The Morning with Dick Gregory

Click | Here

CHANX CliffsNotes on Dick Gregory’s Comments

Race in America:
You want a some young women and a whole lot of concubines?  Just go to Texas and join that Mormon Cult.  They’re getting welfare, food stamps for those children.  No one is complaining.  Let that happen in a Black Church and see what happens!

I’m so glad at Obama!  You White folks better be glad I’m not running and you Black folks too.  I wouldn’t hire anything but can’t read, can’t write Negroes. Because you White folks with your cabinets and PHDs done messed up the whole planet.  LET ME TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT! (more…)

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WABC Rewound – Memorial Day – Listen to Imus @ 9AM

Missed the broadcast?  BruceTube has us covered!

WABC Imus Rewound: Click|Here


WABC Rewound Preview

From Phil Boyce…

This year we have a special treat. We uncovered several old Don Imus reels from his days jocking at the great WNBC in the early 70’s. He is a great talk host now, but people forget how good he was as a jock. You will get to hear it this year during the 9am hour. (more…)

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Well you know that Albert Einstein,
Was the man responsible for formulating the theory of relativity
And they say that there’s a fine line,
Between genius and madness
Which also applies to the guy
Who proposed that light consists
Of discrete quantized bundles of energy (more…)

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‘Stop Saying I Called Gwen Ifill A Cleaning Lady,

Prove It Or Face Garbus…’ Imus


Note to Eric Deegans and the NABJ: Icsnay the Ifillhay..

My Evening With Hannity and Colmes Part II: The Media Matters Version
by Eric Deegans, October 17. 2007

COLMES: Well, that’s what satire is. But you call it racist

DEGGANS: There’s examples going back 15 years, 20 years, where he’s called Gwen Ifill, who was then with The New York Times, a cleaning lady.

Source: THE FEED tampabay.com

Also See “Imus Valentines Kiss Off – Ifill Is A Liar” Click | Here

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ChanX Analysis: Mixed Results, Rebuilding The Foundation

First the weakness:

  • Corporate donations following sponsorship were weak compared to years past.  Most likely due to timing. Corporate budgets and initiatives (including employee drives) are set in the prior year – ie (more…)

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Discussions here and “over there” have gotten me thinking recently. (Could ya smell the wood burning?) Points brought up by one of my favorite posters and echoed by other people I feel very close to are:

Why should I police a site?

What does it matter?

Who does it hurt to just let it go? (more…)

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Radiothong Over $1.2M Raised @ 9:50 AM

Auction, Web & Phone Banks Open till Monday

“I am pumped,” Imus says, “about the prospect of keeping my job for the duration of the radiothon” 

Imus hopes radiothon is easy as ‘ABC’

Wednesday, May 7th 2008

Last year, Don Imus got fired halfway through his telethon.  When Don Imus launches his annual charity radiothon tomorrow, he has at least two specific goals: 1) raise a lot of money and 2) stay employed for the radiothon’s full two days. (more…)

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