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Obama Refers To His Grandmother As A Typical White Person.

Question of the day.
If Imus said that substituting black for white, what would happen? 

Imus crew responds; looking for jobs, hasta la vista baby, hack license, selling on the corner, so long Iman. 

Imus: “I don’t understand that, its irritating!”

The Best Five Minutes Of Imus ( June 27, 2008 )

Much more to be irritated about;

Toe doc “Joe Toe” refuses  Iman pain pills following surgery!

They are monitoring us, including the scum at ABC!

Begala’s Communist Party In America!

Market down, world is ending, gloomy baby boomers, oil going up!

I-rant, “read the stories Chuck; READ ‘EM, READ ‘EM!


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Dick Gregory: Comedian, Activist and Author

Discusses Imus and Racial Profiling

ChanX CliffsNotes

Imus brought up the Pacman discussion.  Gregory quickly interrupted saying; Wait, wait, wait, don’t do this. Let me say it first.. From there Gregory took control of the discussion.

Gregory had no idea who Pacman Jones is, claiming he does not read the sports pages. Instinctively he knew Imus’ “What race is he” was not a blind question.   Gregory pointed to use of facetiousness in comedy which helps you get to the next point.  His opinion?  All Imus was talking about is racial profiling.

Gregory also counseled, there are people out there who hold Imus responsible for past deeds.  Point?  There is  a group who are not going to believe a white man is going to talk about racial profiling.

Dick Gregory’s conclusion- “There’s some serious stuff out here and I’m satisfied.. I would be the first one to call it out if I thought it wrong, cause I don’t have to play nobody.

  Dick Gregory Click | Here

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Here We Go Again?  

Not Quite, WABC & Citadel VP Phil Boyce Backs Imus 


WABC and Citadel Broadcasting Corp. Vice President Phil Boyce said Imus would be explaining his comments on his Tuesday morning show and it was unlikely the broadcasters would take disciplinary action against him.

Boyce said Imus had explained his words in a private conversation Monday afternoon and the explanation was satisfactory.

“I think some people may be misunderstanding what he meant,” said Boyce

Guys from ESPN do some real reporting, they go to WABC Radio for management reaction. Novel Idea!

Couple of differences between now and April ’07:

  • Talk radio now knows how to defend itself against these type of attacks.
  • Management stepped in immediately and defended Imus.
  • Dick Gregory appears on the show and defends Imus.
  • Imus is not on going on the Sharpton apology tour.
  • Pacman Jones is not an innocent bystander.
  • Then there is that pesky I-Nation thing.

Who’s blogging on the Iman?  

Get the latest from the I-Mash Click | Here

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Since we were all accused of being Marxists over here (even a Bourgeoisie running dog capitaist pig like ChanX (just kiding buddy, you know the proletariat loves you)) I thought I’d post the most recent E-mail I received from Comrade, errrr…I mean, ahem, Senator Sanders of Vermont.

The Collapse of the Middle Class, Letters from Vermont and America — 06/06/2008

By Senator Bernard Sanders

The official unemployment rate in the United States surged to 5.5 percent last month, the Labor Department announced this morning. The biggest increase in more than two decades will be on the front pages of the Saturday newspapers. Statistics are one thing. Real life is another. (more…)

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Key Question, Will There Be A Program On Monday?

Go get ’em Bernie….

For Thursday’s final hour Bernie, Mark and Warner go to the phones.  Bernie discloses the Cardinal will be back!  Then mayhem ensues.  Entertaining but we are reminded why Imus does not take calls. 

Imus On The Nines, BruceTube

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Tim Russert Eulogized


Here on behalf of the many friends who knew and loved Tim across all the years…

When I shut my eyes… He has a Rolling Rock in one hand and a newspaper in the other.

Television Provided millions of Americans with a soul deep scan of a man they grew to love and admire for authenticity and credibility.

Mike Barnicle

Source: MSNBC Video Click | Here

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Russert, We Hardly Knew Ye


Tim Russert appeared on Imus just this week. Like two good friends they enjoy a classic exchange.  Tim gets the better of Imus but what else is new?


Imus: I don’t think Senator Obama is going to pick me (as a running mate).

Russert: I’d love to see you in a pant suit!

WABC RADIO Click | Here

Barnicle: Carrying A Cargo Of Grief

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Ingraham Covers The Gamut

Laura Ingraham appears on Imus. They discuss her radio show, Dennis Miller Highlights, Hilary Campaign, the media, Hilary as a possible VEEP, the race factor in this election and more.  Good interview, Laura provides excellent perspective, is insightful and a fun guest.  Also, a link to “Miller Time!”

ChanX CliffsNotes

Luara Ingraham, Talkers Magazine Woman of the Year

What’s up with the radio gig? Laura Ingraham currently not doing her radio show due to contractual issues, which she cannot discuss due to contract concerns. She did not walk off the show, her health is fine, not family related and can’t wait to get back on the air. Of course Imus loves fighting with radio station people. Loves to make their lives miserable, guys like Steve Borneman and Mitch Dolan to name two. (more…)

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Just last week Imus was congratulating WABC and RFD Engineering for the fantastic job they are doing broadcasting from the Ranch. Well of course gremlins came rushing to the scene, fouling the broadcast! Imus rescheduled guests – but the show must go on. Imus continued in improvisation mode along with Charles and Bernie, riding Lou hard to the end. Oh yeah, Rob Karith and Tony jumped in as well.

The problem was isolated to a telephone connection. Here’s pretty much how the call went as the phone company relegated IITM to 7th position in the maintenance queue..

Ernestine: A gracious hello. Here at the Phone Company, we handle eighty-four billion calls a year. Serving everyone from presidents and kings to the scum of the earth. So, we realize that, every so often, you can’t get an operator, or for no apparent reason your phone goes out of order, or perhaps you get charged for a call you didn’t make. We don’t care! (more…)

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