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Breakin News…

Fox Business Added To Cablevision Lineup – FOXBusiness.com

iO Optimum Triple Play is a homerun for Imus

Cablevison: Better Television, Faster Internet, Smarter Phone now with Imus..

Goodbye Joe, see you in the bayou…

3 Million additonal cable subscribers in the NY Metro area with access to “Imus in the Morning”

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MediaMatters Goes For The TWOFER

Imus And Levin Exposed Criticising Obama…

FBN Imus: Obama Seems Enamored of Himself : CLICK|HERE.

Levin on FBN’s Imus: “egomaniac” Obama went to China because he’s “visiting all the regimes that he admires” MediaMatters for America CLICK|HERE

Actually Levin described President Obama as an “incompetent idealogue and an egomaniac”.  Perhaps MediaMatters skipped over “incompetent idealougue”  for fear the Leftists would agree with Levin, precipitating a range war!

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Liz Claman busting on Imus…

Liz Claman Loves 2 Party

Imus to Claman: Behave Yourself CLICK HERE.

Stop it with the eyes!

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Imus Banner

Top 10 Reasons Imus is Awesome on FBN

10     Split screen with audio includes Bernie, Lou and Warner,
9      Actual lighting at the WABC studios,
8      Awesome set (now that Fox fixed that annoying background scroll),
7      Larger studio allows musical guests to play indoors,
(Imus rants on F&F acts on the street are priceless)
6       Broadcasting in HD provides clearer picture and improved sound,
5       Fox Business reporters are into the show…
(Dagen McDowell, Jenna Lee, Connell McShane they get it!)
4       Fox Execs and I-Favs Cavuto and Glick come through big time,
3       Tony opening up on race and Rob addressing the Gangsta Mickey,
2       Imus back bickering with Charles again,
1       More guests, consistently better then before.

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