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Imus’ official website includes synopses of guest appearances written by Juile,  Blogs by Rob, Karith and Tony, Chuck’s headlines, with information on the Imus Ranch, and a contact page to reach the show.  

“www.imus.com” overall a net gain to the I-Web.

Also, note this recent addition to the I-Web.  With kudos to Ree who smartly provides a listener perspective.

“You Have To Be This Tall To Go On This Ride”  Click|Here

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I have to say I am really enjoying being able to visit this site as a fan of the show, thanks to the contributions of ChannelXRFR and P.T. Bartman. Huge thanks to both of those guys, it’s great to just tune into the show a bit more like the old days.

I need one more person to volunteer to share duties, as an Editor of this site. You’ll be able to approve top posts and post your own as well. If interested, please contact supportimus at gmail dot com.

I’m hoping to bring SupportImus.org back in a better role as soon as possible and it will prominently feature the feed from Imus Times.

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Welcome to The Imus Times, a new Imus fan blog to fill the gap while SupportImus.org is offline.


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