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Top 10 Reasons Imus is Awesome on FBN

10     Split screen with audio includes Bernie, Lou and Warner,
9      Actual lighting at the WABC studios,
8      Awesome set (now that Fox fixed that annoying background scroll),
7      Larger studio allows musical guests to play indoors,
(Imus rants on F&F acts on the street are priceless)
6       Broadcasting in HD provides clearer picture and improved sound,
5       Fox Business reporters are into the show…
(Dagen McDowell, Jenna Lee, Connell McShane they get it!)
4       Fox Execs and I-Favs Cavuto and Glick come through big time,
3       Tony opening up on race and Rob addressing the Gangsta Mickey,
2       Imus back bickering with Charles again,
1       More guests, consistently better then before.

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BIA Financial Network

With WFAN’s firing of Imus, New York talk radio station WABC moved aggressively to add Imus to its (more…)

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Or as Craig Crawford states: “Imus is back!”  Starting tomorrow morning, Imus returns to Washington, D.C. radio:

Don Imus will return to the D.C. airwaves tomorrow on WJZW-FM (105.9), the former jazz station that owner Citadel Broadcasting Corp. switched to oldies last week.


“We’re thrilled to add Imus to our lineup as we wake up the movers and shakers in Washington,” said Jeff Boden, president and general manager of 105.9.


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Imus in the Morning’ returning to radio

Popular and controversial radio host Don Imus will be back on southern Maine’s airwaves beginning Jan. 21.

The “Imus in the Morning” program will air weekdays on WBAE (1490 AM) and WVAE (1400 AM) from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m., the stations announced Thursday. The stations are known collectively as “The Bay” (more…)

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