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NYT’s Jacques Steinberg offers critical acclaim, quotes artists defending Imus and no surprise to I-Fans the IR Record producer describes Imus as a “DIVA”.

Source: New York Times Click|Here (more…)

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Imus with Maureen Dowd who provides analysis of Hillary Clinton’s speech at the Democratic Convention, Michelle Obama at the Convention, Barack Obama and speculates on Bill Clinton prior to his DNC address.   Remember Tim Russert (8/27/08) (more…)

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Dick Gregory: Comedian, Activist and Author

Discusses Imus and Racial Profiling

ChanX CliffsNotes

Imus brought up the Pacman discussion.  Gregory quickly interrupted saying; Wait, wait, wait, don’t do this. Let me say it first.. From there Gregory took control of the discussion.

Gregory had no idea who Pacman Jones is, claiming he does not read the sports pages. Instinctively he knew Imus’ “What race is he” was not a blind question.   Gregory pointed to use of facetiousness in comedy which helps you get to the next point.  His opinion?  All Imus was talking about is racial profiling.

Gregory also counseled, there are people out there who hold Imus responsible for past deeds.  Point?  There is  a group who are not going to believe a white man is going to talk about racial profiling.

Dick Gregory’s conclusion- “There’s some serious stuff out here and I’m satisfied.. I would be the first one to call it out if I thought it wrong, cause I don’t have to play nobody.

  Dick Gregory Click | Here

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Key Question, Will There Be A Program On Monday?

Go get ’em Bernie….

For Thursday’s final hour Bernie, Mark and Warner go to the phones.  Bernie discloses the Cardinal will be back!  Then mayhem ensues.  Entertaining but we are reminded why Imus does not take calls. 

Imus On The Nines, BruceTube

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US Senators Lindsey Graham (L) John McCain (C) and Joseph I. Lieberman, stand next to the Eternal Flame as they laid a wreath at the Hall of Remembrance during a visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem, Israel

Last month John McCain, Lindsay Graham, and Joe Lieberman traveled to the Middle East and Europe.

Senator Lieberman’s account; (more…)

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BIA Financial Network

With WFAN’s firing of Imus, New York talk radio station WABC moved aggressively to add Imus to its (more…)

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