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If the real thing don’t do the trick
You better make up something quick
You gonna burn it out to the wick
aren’t you, Barracuda?

Mr. James, is it warm where you are? Afterall, some say(jokingly, of course) Hillary Is Satan(I visited Hillary in Hell and all I got was this lousy t-shirt). James Carville, I-Fav, is a Big Fish in American Political Waters. Carville has been in the political consulting business for years. He even wrote a book called Stickin’: The Case For Loyalty. (more…)

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Media Matters

Media Matters regularly criticizes Don Imus by taking out of context the ongoing thought process Imus has with the audience.  This thought process can last days, weeks and even months.  For example, Media Matters picks up on Imus proclaiming Bill Clinton to be .. a   fat, low rent hillbilly”.   However, Media Matters conveniently neglects Imus’ thoughtful moments of consideration of Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama candidacy and fitness for office which followed.


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Interview with James Carville (January 23, 2008)

Imus seamlessly backtracking on Hillary Clinton. Of Course, Imus still thinks HC is SATAN.  He opens the door by acknowledging there may be something here.  After-all Carville must know something.

Is there a chink in the armor?  Is this a classic Iman move?  Or is he simply faking? 

You decide…

ChanX CliffsNotes

James Carville (01/23/2008)

Imus:Introducing a Chuck Fav and I-Fav; James Carville. (more…)

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