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Ingraham Covers The Gamut

Laura Ingraham appears on Imus. They discuss her radio show, Dennis Miller Highlights, Hilary Campaign, the media, Hilary as a possible VEEP, the race factor in this election and more.  Good interview, Laura provides excellent perspective, is insightful and a fun guest.  Also, a link to “Miller Time!”

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Luara Ingraham, Talkers Magazine Woman of the Year

What’s up with the radio gig? Laura Ingraham currently not doing her radio show due to contractual issues, which she cannot discuss due to contract concerns. She did not walk off the show, her health is fine, not family related and can’t wait to get back on the air. Of course Imus loves fighting with radio station people. Loves to make their lives miserable, guys like Steve Borneman and Mitch Dolan to name two. (more…)

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Imus In The Morning with Dick Gregory

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CHANX CliffsNotes on Dick Gregory’s Comments

Race in America:
You want a some young women and a whole lot of concubines?  Just go to Texas and join that Mormon Cult.  They’re getting welfare, food stamps for those children.  No one is complaining.  Let that happen in a Black Church and see what happens!

I’m so glad at Obama!  You White folks better be glad I’m not running and you Black folks too.  I wouldn’t hire anything but can’t read, can’t write Negroes. Because you White folks with your cabinets and PHDs done messed up the whole planet.  LET ME TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT! (more…)

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If the real thing don’t do the trick
You better make up something quick
You gonna burn it out to the wick
aren’t you, Barracuda?

Mr. James, is it warm where you are? Afterall, some say(jokingly, of course) Hillary Is Satan(I visited Hillary in Hell and all I got was this lousy t-shirt). James Carville, I-Fav, is a Big Fish in American Political Waters. Carville has been in the political consulting business for years. He even wrote a book called Stickin’: The Case For Loyalty. (more…)

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Imus asks Russert, what does 10 mean?

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Imus Covers Ground With Senator John McCain.

McCain in New Hampshire

Autism, Possible VPs, Disappointment in Putin, European Missile Defense, Iraq, Iran, Middle East, Al Qaeda, Obama, Clinton, Withdrawal and American Sacrifices ( April 2, 2008 )

John McCain returned to IITM for the first extended interview since December 3rd. The (more…)

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Media Matters

Media Matters regularly criticizes Don Imus by taking out of context the ongoing thought process Imus has with the audience.  This thought process can last days, weeks and even months.  For example, Media Matters picks up on Imus proclaiming Bill Clinton to be .. a   fat, low rent hillbilly”.   However, Media Matters conveniently neglects Imus’ thoughtful moments of consideration of Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama candidacy and fitness for office which followed.


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Interview with James Carville (January 23, 2008)

Imus seamlessly backtracking on Hillary Clinton. Of Course, Imus still thinks HC is SATAN.  He opens the door by acknowledging there may be something here.  After-all Carville must know something.

Is there a chink in the armor?  Is this a classic Iman move?  Or is he simply faking? 

You decide…

ChanX CliffsNotes

James Carville (01/23/2008)

Imus:Introducing a Chuck Fav and I-Fav; James Carville. (more…)

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I have a feeling if I used the Jesse Jackson reference about Senator Obama I’d be talking to Al Sharpton again. How Does Bill Clinton get away with it?   Imus with guest Michael Graham WTKK (1/28/2007)

Well guess what?  

Rev Al jumped in with some unsolicited advice for Bill… 

With the South Carolina victory, Barack Obama established himself as a black leader with a commanding 81% of the black vote.   Compare this to the Revs paltry 17% black vote just four years ago.  Al Sharpton holding on to his endorsement is losing ground in the black community daily.

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Media Matters for America, watchdog group and self-appointed protector of Hillary Clinton’s virtue is at it again. The following summary was posted on Media Matters’ website:

Imus and Carlson invoke Chavez to smear Dem presidential candidates

Summary: While discussing Hillary Clinton with fellow radio host Jay Severin, Don Imus asked, “Well, why do we think that we — I mean, why don’t we just select [Venezuelan President] Hugo Chavez, then, if we want some rabid nut? (more…)

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Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama traded attacks at Monday’s debate.


Jay Severin appearing on Imus reviews last nights South Carolina Debate. Severin leads Imus to reverse his call on the winner of the debate!


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