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According to the I-Man the diagnosis is Stage II Prostate Cancer.  Not the result of common causes such as diet, since Imus has been on a cancer preventing health diet for over 10 years.  According to Imus it could have been caused by stress brought on by Les Moonves or Phil Griffin or that “fat pig Al Sharpton”.

Prostate Cancer WIKI|Here

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Ha Ha Ha I, like Al Haig, am now in complete control.

But seriously folks. I went to the Deirdre Imus Center Website and also her Wikipedia Page. didn’t find what was asked for, but having read both what I’ve come up with is she must be one hell of an administrator. To run that many “organizations” that well she obviously knows how to surround herself with competent people, provide direction, then delegate responsibilities.

On a Lighter note here’s a link to the Cracked article.

And finally Time Magazine runs a feature called Ten Questions, where they ask Celebrities questions submitted by readers. (more…)

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