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Media Matters for America, watchdog group and self-appointed protector of Hillary Clinton’s virtue is at it again. The following summary was posted on Media Matters’ website:

Imus and Carlson invoke Chavez to smear Dem presidential candidates

Summary: While discussing Hillary Clinton with fellow radio host Jay Severin, Don Imus asked, “Well, why do we think that we — I mean, why don’t we just select [Venezuelan President] Hugo Chavez, then, if we want some rabid nut? (more…)

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There has been some interesting dialog here regarding the presidential elections.  What’s intriguing about the Democratic primary is that there really is no predictability as to who is falling in line where.  That became evident when Joe Leiberman endorsed a Republican.  Usually the endorsement phase of a primary is about as exciting as watching a cow chew cud.  This year it’s been like “Just one more cow, baby.” (more…)

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