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 McCord: Did Colonel Jack Loose His Shirt In The Market?


Colonel Jack Jacobs without a doubt, is the best prepared, most knowledgeable, articulate, understandable power rotation guest who appears on Imus In The Morning.  In this appearance the Colonel breaks down the polls, the presidential campaigns, the economy and impact of raising taxes on ordinary people.

ChanX CliffsNotes

Imus:  This election is over, isn’t it?

Colonel Jacobs:  Its going to close and be much closer then people think.   Don’t believe the polls. They are national polls and that’s not how we elect the president.  The other problem with the polls is they are a function of who you ask and what they are asked.  Believes Palin is the margin of victory.  Picking someone nobody knows with 6 weeks to go, was a bad decision. (more…)

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If Not Now, When?: Duty and Sacrifice in America’s Time of Need

by Jack Jacobs, Douglas Century

A Medal of Honor recipient looks back at his own service—and ahead to America’s future.Jack Jacobs was acting as an advisor to the South Vietnamese when he and his men came under devastating attack. Severely wounded, 1st Lt. Jacobs took command and withdrew the unit, returning again and again to the site of the attack to rescue more men, saving the lives of a U.S. advisor and thirteen Allied soldiers. Col. Jacobs received the nation’s highest military award, the Medal of Honor.

Here, with candor, humor, and quiet modesty, Col. Jack Jacobs tells his stirring story of heroism, honor, and the personal code by which he has lived his life, and expounds with blunt honesty and insight his views on our contemporary world, and the nature and necessity of sacrifice.

If Not Now, When? is a compelling account of a unique life at both war and peace, and the all-too-often unexamined role of the citizenry in the service and defense of the Republic.

About the Author

Jack Jacobs retired from the military as a full colonel in 1987. Today, he is widely regarded as one of the world’s most perceptive—and outspoken—military analysts.

Douglas Century is a New York Times bestselling author.

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Colonel Jack Jacobs Overviews Financial Crisis
(Imus Gets Into Naked Shorts)

CHANX CliffsNotes

Imus: Can you get us up to speed on where we are?  Fundamentally do you think the American way of life is going to change?

Jack Jacobs:  The way of life has to change whether they bail it out or not.  The market is going to continue to slide.

There is plenty of blame to go around everybody has been asleep at the switch. Including the Congress and the Executive Branch they’ve all been sleeping!  People on Wall Street have not been paying attention to it. (more…)

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Imus and guest Col Jack Jacobs relish the Spitzer pickle.   The two discuss the Governor’s  performance as NY Attorney General with regards to the NYSE and speculate on potential  Gambino crime family implications.

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Jacobs: There was a war-hoop of success from the floor of the NYSE when Spitzer’s news came down. Cheering the demise of their nemesis. Spitzer is clearly an evil man.

Imus: What Spitzer did to “my friend” Dick Grasso was so outrageous.  Whatever you think about Grasso, everybody knew what was going on. You got to pay these guys to run companies whether they are charities or not.

Jacobs: Spitzer just picked targets of opportunity. He was very selective about it. It’s not the he sprayed the whole area with a shotgun with #7 bird-shot. Spitzer just picked his targets carefully to make sure he made a point. (more…)

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Reviewing Colonel Jack Jacobs appearance on Imus, struck by the range and depth of the discussion. The Colonel provides a graduate level dissertation on American Politics and the Mideast.


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