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Imus with Maureen Dowd who provides analysis of Hillary Clinton’s speech at the Democratic Convention, Michelle Obama at the Convention, Barack Obama and speculates on Bill Clinton prior to his DNC address.   Remember Tim Russert (8/27/08) (more…)

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Imus In The Morning with Dick Gregory

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CHANX CliffsNotes on Dick Gregory’s Comments

Race in America:
You want a some young women and a whole lot of concubines?  Just go to Texas and join that Mormon Cult.  They’re getting welfare, food stamps for those children.  No one is complaining.  Let that happen in a Black Church and see what happens!

I’m so glad at Obama!  You White folks better be glad I’m not running and you Black folks too.  I wouldn’t hire anything but can’t read, can’t write Negroes. Because you White folks with your cabinets and PHDs done messed up the whole planet.  LET ME TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT! (more…)

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US Senators Lindsey Graham (L) John McCain (C) and Joseph I. Lieberman, stand next to the Eternal Flame as they laid a wreath at the Hall of Remembrance during a visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem, Israel

Last month John McCain, Lindsay Graham, and Joe Lieberman traveled to the Middle East and Europe.

Senator Lieberman’s account; (more…)

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Matt Taibbi doesn’t like the Iraq War. In fact, Taibbi, doesn’t like wars in general. Who does? Problem is, Taibbi doesn’t understand them either. In his article for Rolling Stone Magazine (March 6, 2008 Issue 1047), “McCain Resurrected”, Taibbi writes, among other things: (more…)

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