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Astronaut(?) Carl Jeffers Launches In On Imus Race Discussion

Provided by: BruceTube

ChanX CliffsNotes

Exchange took place at the very end of the Carl Jeffers appearance…

Imus: No one is having the race discussion because it is too uncomfortable. If you’re willing would like to have you back on to talk about stuff like that and some more about Barack Obama.

Jeffers: That is an absolute truism (regarding the race discussion). No one wants to have it because they are afraid of it.

Jeffers: With America not ready to have the discussion. How will millions of whites who are very uncomfortable, all of a sudden go into the voting booth, close the curtain and vote for an African American? It is not going to happen!

Seems like a reasonable start to the race discussion. Carl Jeffers has a high rpm approach and does not pull punches. Hope to see more of Carl on the program.

Note: Jeffers is not now nor has ever been an astronaut. Sorry ladies…. [ed. Right ChanX, a black guy would have to be an astronaut before he’d get on Imus’ show.*

*Attempt at biting satire noted per MMH/SOS(Media Matters Humor/Satire Operating Standards) requirement]

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