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 Hi-Caliber, Starvin Artist (Cal From Brick NJ)

Rappin for John “Wayne” McCain

About Starvin Artist

Raw Hip-Hop strait outta New Jersey. Taking it back to the essence with lyrical lessons

Starvin Artist bringing back the true essence of Hip-Hop. It’s over for the gangsta and pimp sh*t.

YO CAL McCain lyrical lesson

Use Your Brain”


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Obama Refers To His Grandmother As A Typical White Person.

Question of the day.
If Imus said that substituting black for white, what would happen? 

Imus crew responds; looking for jobs, hasta la vista baby, hack license, selling on the corner, so long Iman. 

Imus: “I don’t understand that, its irritating!”

The Best Five Minutes Of Imus ( June 27, 2008 )

Much more to be irritated about;

Toe doc “Joe Toe” refuses  Iman pain pills following surgery!

They are monitoring us, including the scum at ABC!

Begala’s Communist Party In America!

Market down, world is ending, gloomy baby boomers, oil going up!

I-rant, “read the stories Chuck; READ ‘EM, READ ‘EM!


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Since the debut of the new Imus in the Morning program on the radio all around the country and on RFD-TV (just one more cow, baby), there have been countless comparisons made by some who feel the show has been taken to a drastically different place, some who claim they are loyal listeners, and some who will simply be called the newcomers.

There has been a vocal discussion by some members of the online community about the new format, centering on the additions and modifications to the cast, and the lack of some old characters returning, such as “Senator Kennedy” and “Cardinal Egan”, to name a few. The claim has been made that Imus is no longer the Imus they used to watch before April of last year – the Imus who couldn’t finish a sentence with disparaging someone or something is gone. Others feel content with having their favorite morning show back on the air, in whatever form it may come. (more…)

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