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ESPN Gives New York Broadcasting LegendĀ UltimatumĀ 
“Imus or Mike & Mike?”

1050 ESPN program director Aaron Spielberg said Friday the decision was made in the wake of on-air remarks by Imus Thursday in which he ripped the ESPN morning show, “Mike and Mike,” in terms ESPN believed crossed a line from legitimate criticism to “off-color” personal attacks.

Wolf was given the choice of staying with 1050 or Imus, and opted for the latter. He has a longstanding relationship with Imus, for whom he famously reported from near the site of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.

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This is the second time Warner had to choose between Imus and another gig. Last time Warner choose his WCBS TV gig. Imus In The Morning is way better for the sports legend. Doing local sports reports for Mike & Mike was nowhere for Warner. On Imus he has a larger audience and a much larger role commenting beyond sports.

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