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Obama Refers To His Grandmother As A Typical White Person.

Question of the day.
If Imus said that substituting black for white, what would happen? 

Imus crew responds; looking for jobs, hasta la vista baby, hack license, selling on the corner, so long Iman. 

Imus: “I don’t understand that, its irritating!”

The Best Five Minutes Of Imus ( June 27, 2008 )

Much more to be irritated about;

Toe doc “Joe Toe” refuses  Iman pain pills following surgery!

They are monitoring us, including the scum at ABC!

Begala’s Communist Party In America!

Market down, world is ending, gloomy baby boomers, oil going up!

I-rant, “read the stories Chuck; READ ‘EM, READ ‘EM!


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Ever wonder who does the paintings hanging behind the I-Man on the RFD-TV set?

Imus tells us it’s Santa Fe artist Arlene LaDell Hayes, available at Joe Wade Fine Arts.

Arlene LaDell Hayes acrylic

This one comes from a striking series of trippy acrylics called “Dream Walkers, Spirit Warriors, and Star Travelers”. Check out the whole series. Hayes also does oil paintings, mixed-media work, and sculptures. Good stuff.

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