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Citizen journalist Faye Anderson is another example of someone who takes Media Matters’ viewpoint as gospel. She writes in a recent post:

Fortunately, Media Matters monitors “Imus in the Morning.” So, I don’t have to start my day with morning sickness. (more…)

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Good to see these points coming out, and as an added benefit, we get to watch Chris Matthews squirm in embarrassment as he grows up. (The entire way he has been covering this campaign is racist and sexist. The primary statistic is who is or isn’t carrying each group, and it has reached levels bordering on insanity, because it’s so obvious and yet he persists.)

The women’s movement is about free choice, self-determination and challenging a status quo that fails a lot of Americans, not just women. And it is not about going along. It’s about transcending, about having the freedom to follow one’s heart, about creating and pursuing new opportunities, and about the American dream being for all Americans. (more…)

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We can never miss an opportunity to watch and laugh whenever MSNBC makes mistakes. But now, one of their supposedly official journalists—distinct from the I-man’s role back in “the old days”—used the overly colorful phrase “pimping out” to describe how the Clinton campaign is using Chelsea. Aside from that so-2007 question of whether it’s an acceptable phrase for him to use, gotta love it when MSNBC looks stupid. (more…)

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