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Ingraham Covers The Gamut

Laura Ingraham appears on Imus. They discuss her radio show, Dennis Miller Highlights, Hilary Campaign, the media, Hilary as a possible VEEP, the race factor in this election and more.  Good interview, Laura provides excellent perspective, is insightful and a fun guest.  Also, a link to “Miller Time!”

ChanX CliffsNotes

Luara Ingraham, Talkers Magazine Woman of the Year

What’s up with the radio gig? Laura Ingraham currently not doing her radio show due to contractual issues, which she cannot discuss due to contract concerns. She did not walk off the show, her health is fine, not family related and can’t wait to get back on the air. Of course Imus loves fighting with radio station people. Loves to make their lives miserable, guys like Steve Borneman and Mitch Dolan to name two. (more…)

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There has been some interesting dialog here regarding the presidential elections.  What’s intriguing about the Democratic primary is that there really is no predictability as to who is falling in line where.  That became evident when Joe Leiberman endorsed a Republican.  Usually the endorsement phase of a primary is about as exciting as watching a cow chew cud.  This year it’s been like “Just one more cow, baby.” (more…)

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