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Imus R&B / Jazz Bumpers

Playlist Notes: Imus Jazz / R&B Bumpers have established a recurring Imus In The Morning signature over the course of his broadcast career. The Bumpers are used to intro and outro commercial breaks and program segments. Often instrumental pieces are used as a bed for Imus “live read” commercials.

Full play versions of the bumpers can be found at the iMus iTunes iMix “Imus R&B/Jazz Bumpers” Playlist where you can listen to clips and purchase downloads. (more…)

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Obama Refers To His Grandmother As A Typical White Person.

Question of the day.
If Imus said that substituting black for white, what would happen? 

Imus crew responds; looking for jobs, hasta la vista baby, hack license, selling on the corner, so long Iman. 

Imus: “I don’t understand that, its irritating!”

The Best Five Minutes Of Imus ( June 27, 2008 )

Much more to be irritated about;

Toe doc “Joe Toe” refuses  Iman pain pills following surgery!

They are monitoring us, including the scum at ABC!

Begala’s Communist Party In America!

Market down, world is ending, gloomy baby boomers, oil going up!

I-rant, “read the stories Chuck; READ ‘EM, READ ‘EM!


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