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POLITICO Double Covers McCain Appearance

Back on Imus, McCain sticks up for Palin spears critics

By: Jonathan Martin, POLITICO

It was just like old times this morning, as John McCain called into Don Imus’s show to mix it up.

Imus didn’t press McCain like he has at times in the past, but the crusty talk show host did manage to elicit the feisty and sarcastic side of the GOP nominee. Read|More

McCain, Imus, Wright

By: Ben Smith, POLITICO

McCain had a long, process-oriented interview with Don Imus this morning, worth a listen, including Imus’s gripe about Obama’s relative treatment of his own nearly career-ending, racially charged joke and of Jeremiah Wright. Read|More

Presidential Candidate, John McCain, joins “Imus in the Morning” from the campaign trail in New Hampshire just two weeks out of Election Day.


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Imus asks Russert, what does 10 mean?

ChanX CliffsNotes


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Imus speaking with guest Jeff Toobin puts in I-Context the Obama defense of the Reverend Wright comments.

He (Obama) was one of the guys, one of the first people jumping up and down screaming about me being fired! (more…)

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